Brainware Faculty Meet, Anandamela


Brainware celebrated its annual faculty meet at its Barasat campus, close to the dawning of the New Year and a day ahead of Christmas. Around 300+ professionals of Brainware graced the occasion with their presences. The event commenced with the speech of the honourable chairperson, Mr. Phalguni Mookhopadhayay, who congratulated on the foundation of Brainware University. Besides, he focused on the need for close collaborations between the different wings of the corporate house and the existing college in the upcoming times.

The opening performance was a tribute paid to Rabindranath Tagore. Extending that homage, wonderful renditions of ‘Rituranga’ and ‘Shyama’  were put up jointly by the departments of Engineering and Management. Solo vocal performances and elocutions enraptured all.  Celebrated playwright and actor Sri Manoj Mitra’s debut writing ‘Mrityur chokhe Jol’ was successfully staged by the department of Basic Science and Humanities. It was closely followed up by Poroshuram’s comedy ‘Chikitsha Bibhrat’ enacted by the faculty members of WBSU. Games and riddles were played. Additionally, the impromptus and amateur pursuits of the members outshone expertise of professionals.
With the passage of time, the event gradually moved to its closure. Amidst the dimming sunlight, the sumptuous lunch spread out lit up the faces well enough. Delicious Biryani dished out of fuming cauldrons, delectable meat curry, fresh raita, papads and sweetmeats enhanced the flavour of the ambience.

Finally, it was time for home. As we journeyed back, we carried along the pleasant memories of the day. And the expectation that many more wondrous days will come, lingered on…